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What is Prefabrication?

In 2023, MEC Electrical Contractors and MEC Technologies acquired a 4,000 sq. foot space, specially outfitted for prefabrication. This development, also known as “off-site construction,” significantly enhances our productivity and brings numerous benefits. Here, we assemble all the essential components required for an electrical job site within a meticulously controlled environment. These prefabricated elements are then safely secured and delivered to job sites, where our skilled field employees expertly install them. Prefabrication has already been implemented into many of the 2023 projects and has proven to be a great addition to MEC.


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The Benefits of Prefabrication


Increased Jobsite Safety

In the construction industry, safety is paramount, and at MEC Electrical Contractors and MEC Technologies, we uphold this principle in every aspect of our work. By embracing prefabrication, we significantly enhance job site safety. This approach minimizes on-site labor, reducing the exposure of our workforce to potential hazards commonly encountered in field construction. Prefabrication in a controlled environment not only streamlines the process but also aligns with Our Promise to prioritize safety above all. This commitment to safety is evident in every prefabricated component we deliver, ensuring a safer and more secure job site for all involved.



A great benefit of prefabrication is the reduction of construction waste. Off-site assembly of components significantly diminishes the typical waste generated at construction sites. This efficiency stems from precise material calculations and assembly in our controlled prefabrication environment, exemplifying our commitment to sustainable construction practices.


Increased Productivity

New England weather is unpredictable and can often slow down much of the construction process especially when the job is outdoors. By constructing components in our indoor, off-site facility, we effectively circumvent weather-related delays, significantly saving on overall job hours. This approach not only ensures timely completion of projects but also enhances predictability and accuracy in project timelines, a testament to our efficiency and reliability in construction management.

What is the Prefabrication Process?

  • Design and Planning- Every successful prefabrication project begins with meticulous design and planning. Our team works closely with architects, engineers, and clients to ensure that every detail is accounted for, from the initial design to the final implementation.
  • Material Sourcing and Assembly- MEC Electrical’s prefabrication team commits to sourcing high-quality materials and use precision tools and machinery to assemble components. Our controlled environment allows for greater accuracy and consistency, ensuring that each piece meets our strict quality standards.
  • Logistics and Installation-Our logistics team meticulously plans the delivery of prefabricated components to job sites. Installation is carried out by our skilled technicians who understand the nuances of integrating these components into the existing structures with minimal disruption.

Prefabrication Across Diverse Industries

Our prefabrication services extend across various sectors, each benefiting uniquely from our expertise:

Healthcare Facilities

In healthcare facilities, where timely project completion is crucial, prefabrication ensures faster installation and minimal disruption, critical for patient care environments.

Commercial Buildings

For commercial spaces, prefabrication translates to faster project completion, minimizing business interruption and enabling a quicker return to normal operations.

Multi-Use Developments

Multi-use buildings benefit from our streamlined approach, ensuring timely and consistent electrical installations across different areas like retail spaces, and offices within a single complex.

Institutional Settings

Educational institutions and government buildings can significantly reduce construction timelines and costs, ensuring minimal impact on academic schedules and public services.

Cannabis Facilities

Prefabrication in cannabis facilities streamlines the setup of controlled environments required for cultivation, ensuring precision and compliance with industry standards.


For modern workspaces, especially those with open-concept designs, prefabrication allows for quick adaptation to evolving electrical and technological needs.

Pharmaceutical Environments

Precision is key in pharmaceutical settings. Prefabrication reduces on-site work, maintaining the sterility and integrity of production spaces.

Research and Development Centers

For Research and Development centers, prefabrication supports the rapid establishment of complex electrical systems needed for advanced research activities.

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