BI Lahey Transplant Conference Room

Conference Room


Burlington, MA

General Contractor



Project Overview

BI / Lahey in Burlington Massachusetts approached MEC Technologies for their New Transplant Area Conference room. Unlike most typical conference rooms; this room would utilize the latest trend of using Moveable tables (8 in all) to Mimic a traditional Large Conference table. With the added benefit of modern group style configuration possible.

This presented a unique challenge as the mandate was: “No wires on the table”. MEC installed multiple Tri-Element, 360-degree coverage, microphones for Audio Conferencing. This space also incorporates wireless connection for presentation. The additional request was up to 35 people can be present in the space at any one time.

MEC installed a 98” High-Definition Display for main viewing coupled with additional side HD Displays for alternative / augmented viewing for all participants. These additional displays can be extended out and articulated for best viewing. The room features the latest in touch panel control which includes device/display selection and full Audio-Conferencing Control.

Lastly, in keeping with state-of-the-art theme, Video Conference (Soft codec) is utilized via USB connection/Camera control.

Currently, this space is the highest technology space available at the facility, and as such, much sought after for booking!